You and Me and Rainbows


Edward Ka-Spel :::
"This could be my favorite TG piece. The whole thing was conceived on the bus with Skinny Puppy in 1987 when we were on the way to New York. We'd had a show cancelled in Trenton, New Jersey and decided to have a, let's say, psychedelic, hallucinatory party on the bus while we drove to Washington, DC. It was a glorious journey, full of laughter, deep communication, praying to the Washington Monument and not finding a motel for AGES. I just jotted down the words and it seemed to be all about this amazing tour, my sadder life back in Holland, and, I guess, my whole place on the planet...When it came to the music, Cevin and I literally took turns creating scenarios while Rave (Dave Ogilvie) interpreted the ideas we had with the vision of a guru. It still makes me cry now."

cEvin Key :::
"This was a conceptual track that we had decided to use an entire reel of 2" tape for the recording (16 minutes). I recall that Edward had prewriiten the sequence of the song on to a small Roland keyboard at Rave's house. We added a few other tracks and then went to Mushrooom. We had a few special friends in attendance that evening as we recorded it all in one night. Adrian Sherwood was there with Doug Wimbish for a brief period just before recording started. I think that hyped us out a bit. Lee Salford (Section 25) was there, who plays the amazing marching drums in the song. Ogre was there, and the duet between him and Ed is pretty classic. Edward had a great idea about what he wanted from each section, and we followed suit. What a great time that was."

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