Mirror Saw

Last Rights

cEvin Key :::
"This is a pretty classic example of a Dwayne based track that we then recorded live performances of drums and additional sounds at Mushroom. I love that sample and wish I knew where that came from. We used to do hours of jamming each day in the live room. Many things were set up in there. I had my large purple TDP kit set up near the chambers, and Duck had all the keyboards we owned set up in a big circle at the other end. Many of the songs for Last Rights and TDP were written using sequence elements that we would then record live parts on top of so that the drumming would not be as inhuman. Many times as we would be rehearsing Rave or Ken would record the jams and parts and many times we would come in the control room to hear that they had recorded parts we didn't know they were recording. Pretty cool "

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