Phil Western :::
"Krakatoa was a file on the drive called 'heavy' that I decided to take a stab at when the album's song choices were nearly worked out. Part 2 was the part that existed, which I added some long sustained trumpets to and some choirs, and then I worked on building the front and the back of the song. I wanted to leave Kevin's polyrhythmic and very intense section of the song alone, as much as possible, but I had a clear picture in my mind of how I wanted to bookend that section. So, working from a beat that was looped from the heavy section, I built the intro using various synths and samples and effects, and then I started working on part 3, which involved me playing a hammer dulcimer type instrument that has always been there in Kevin's place, but somehow overlooked on our recordings, while Kevin stood nearby with a pullstring dinosaur toy, which provides the screeching sounds in the background. Some pitchy warbly bits filled it out nicely, and we had what I believe may be our first totally acoustically recorded piece of work (pt 3) on any of our albums, which became a favourite of mine."

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