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"The saddest thing that ever happened to me was Bird. This was shortly after Dwayne had died, and I was just running on some sort of energy, I don't know how. This particular day I went to studio and I drove. I parked 3 levels down in the parkade and noticed there was a large seagull down there with me. I am an animal lover and I started to feel like I should help the bird find its way out of the building. So I proceeded to escort the bird out past many cars and things that were obviously scaring the bird. When I appraoched the exit and to the street, I expected the bird to fly out, and it appeared that he couldn't fly, so he started just walking down the street crossing without looking and by then I realised I had a bad situation being downtown in Vancouver with a large bird walking into intersections as I was stopping traffic. I started to feel very sad, and as I turned around the bird stepped off the sidewalk and a taxi ran over it right in front of me. I heard the sound of it being crushed and just lost it. I was crying my head off, and I ran up to the cab and told him what he did, I couldn't even believe it. I went up to the studio and it took me hours to be able to stop crying. Then somehow I just started to play that chord and it started speaking to me. Easily my most emotional memory of any song I've done."

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