Bell Ringoor

Phil Western :::
"Bell Ringoor was kind of my baby. On Fixer, there were songs that were definitely a bit more Kevin, and some were a bit more me, and others were totally collaborative. Neuron Proper was Kevin's baby all the way, as well as Hoorse was primarily his too, and Starving was his. The way Bell Ringoor started was with the string section, which I thought was going to be at the intro originally, but I changed my mind, and put it on the end. Then I decided to approach the rest of the song a little bit like a Kone track, using liberal amounts of Eventide distortion and 808 drums to get the melodic distorted riff. Some vocal tracks and string tracks from an old 40's movie bridged the song into the big string section. It happened nice and quickly. Kevin liked the track, and started making the VCS3 start skreeking and screaming, and I grabbed it and threw it into the mix. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, sounds like a VCS 3."

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