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June 07 2012


Update :: Corey

Now at, hear the performance of Worlock live from the forthcoming live album, Bootlegged, Broke, and Insolvent Seas from Hildesheim, Germany.

This particular show will forever be burned into my memory. From my vantage point, hiding in the shadows at the back corner of the stage, I glanced out upon the seemingly endless sea of thousands upon thousands of black-clad festival-goers thriving and churning along as a single organism, driven by the power of this band. In an instant I realized the enormity of it all. Intellectually, of course, I had always been aware of the size of the fanbase, but seeing such a huge mass of people gathered together to celebrate that perfect moment of concert-lubricated bliss was awe-inspiring. Coupled with Gary's find of potato latke's earlier in the afternoon, it made for a good day.

Relive a little German festival goodness with me here.

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