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April 16 2012


Update :: Corey
In addition to the Devil's Carnival film mentioned earlier, Ogre has signed on to appear in the upcoming production, Scream Park. Here is what they have to say:::

The film is based on an original screenplay, styled after the 1980s slasher horror films. The story is about an amusement park going out of business and the owner crafting a murderous plot to keep the park open.

The project is being headed by ProtoMedia Productions and produced by Cary Hill. Ogre is the second 80s icon to join the film after Hellraiser's Doug Bradley.

Ogre will be playing a backwoods Deliverance-type mountain man, hired by Bradley to gruesomely off the park's employees to create a publicity stunt to keep selling tickets. Ogre is excited to take the role and work with grass roots filmmaking. Hill will also helm the film, making it his directorial debut.

In order to get the production going, the producers are running a Kickstarter campaign, with some pledge levels granting items signed by Ogre and supporters being including in a drawing for an iPad.

Visit here to see the teaser trailer!

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