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April 03 2012


Update :: Corey
Mark Spybey (Download, Dead Voices on Air, Beehatch) has been rather prolific lately. Via the new DVOA Bandcamp site, he has put out a slew of digital releases. Foremost is the new release, Pieta, which features Mark's remix of Download's classic Base Metal, previously only heard in live performances, and a different interpretation of the lyrics of Mothersonne as Mother and Son. Also of note is the new expanded reissue of the 1995 album, New Words Machine, which features 46 minutes of previously unreleased music and includes cEvin Key as a guest on one track.

Not to remain confined to the digital world, Mark's series of 7" vinyl releases, each featuring a different collaborator, continues via Tourette Records. The first three released so far occupy a lovely sublime space between calming and gnawing.

Finally from the world of CDs, Mark's collaboration with Robin Storey, Reformed Faction, has released 4 CDs via Soleilmoon.

These releases can also be purchased directly from Mark by emailing him at

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