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MacInnis, Craig. "Satirical Fuzzbox no second Bananarama ."Toronto Star, 29 May 1987, E8.

Vancouver's Skinny Puppy will be filmed for a concert video when they perform at the International Alternative Music Festival, Sunday at the Concert Hall, 888 Yonge St.

Five cameramen and a 24-track mobile recording unit will document the group's new stage show plus songs from its forthcoming album, Cleanse, Fold And Manipulate. It's due out in Canada the third week of June.

Synth-man Cevin Key called in prior to a show at Carleton University in Ottawa earlier this week, sounding a little fatigued from a 35-city North American tour that began in Seattle and finishes here on Sunday.

"We need a video that captures the reality of the live show, which people have always told us is a completely different experience than the records," says Key.

Known for its gothic imagery and neo-dadaist shock theatre, Puppy (including singer Nivek Ogre and synthesist D. Rudolph Goettel) is trying to broaden its performance base, he advises.

"The whole idea of getting across a specific shock effect has been put aside," he says. "No more knives across the face.

"The new show is much more id-oriented - sort of primal scream therapy."

Though still with Nettwerk, the important West Coast independent label, Puppy was signed to a world-wide distribution deal last year with the giant Capitol Records.

There'll be more touring to promote the new album in the not-too-distant future, but first Key is looking forward to Sunday's concert, which will also feature friend and collaborator Edward Ka-spel of England's Legendary Pink Dots.

Now living in Amsterdam, Ka-spel is expected to perform works from his Dots repertoire, plus various solo pieces set to voice and synth.

"If it can be done, we're going to try a few things together," says Key.

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