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Carey, Jean. "Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous?." St. Petersburg Times, 8 December 1990, 1D.

Skinny Puppy transformed Jannus Landing into one intense set of mood swings last Saturday. The Vancouver band makes great use of a panel of video monitors, each timed to play an individual film concurrent with SP's frantic music and vocalist Nivek Ogre's gymnastics. Keyboard player and composer cEVIN Key says that the subject matter of Puppy's videos is disturbing, even to him. "The footage we use of animal experimentation was actually taken - and stolen from - American companies where animals are tortured to death, basically so people can have a new scent of shampoo," Key said after the show. "Some of the images are quite disturbing. . . . I can't and don't look at the monitors while we're performing. But it's a lot more effective to move people through scenes of real suffering than by projecting a slide of a fur coat," Key said. Key said that it's up to Ogre to convey the band's message more personally, through costumes ranging from a blood-covered robot to an Alien-ated monster. Self-expression through genetic mutation? "We really like to come to Florida," Key said. "Or I guess I should say that, anyway. I mean, we're from Canada, we try to be polite, you know?" Back to Litany