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???. "This is a Tiny Email Interview that Ogre So Graciously Granted Us." FAQT, 1998 (?).

From FAQT (electronic culture) magazine
(P.O. Box 685 York PA 17405)
About the only cool thing there is in York Pennsylvania.
"This is a tiny email interview that Ogre so graciously granted us"

FAQT: How did you find the process of creating Bedside Toxicology?

Ogre: I feel that Rx is the first step in a new direction which will continue this summer when Mark Walk and I start/finish work on the soon to be renamed WELT material. The stpes I have taken in my own personal life cant help but be reflected. Musically my goal is to retain diversity through freedom.

F: What are some of the biggest differences between Ritalin and Skinny Puppy, as far as the way the music was created?

O: Production and muzaccc

F: How did it feel to have more creative control of the music itself?

O: What do you think? Obviously Martin ahad the most control due to his involvement, with regards to production. As I said before the album marks the first stages of my own musical exploration.

F: The new album seems to have a familiar feel to it, yet seems like something entirely new at the same time. What were some influences on the Ritalin sound?

O: The biggest influence was probably my work with Mark Walk during 1995. He convinced me, however painful, to sing bed tracks with no effects. This opened me up to the possibilities with my voice and, as well, gave a good dose of confidence. Martin and I went into the project with no set direction and let the creature manifest itself from within the madness of marathon recording. We had talked of sounding as little like ourselves as possible and then abandoned that ideaa for obvious reasons.

F: What did you find liberating about leaving skinny puppy?

O: The leaving of anything one is dependent on can be both difficult and liberating. Obviously the most important thing to come from any of it was the choice and freedom to "not" generate what had, up to then, been expected. The various molds we place ourselves in and are expected to stay never really sat well with me.

F: Are there some specific things you were able to try on Bedside Toxicology that you weren't able to try with Skinny Puppy?

O: Well, obviously the idea of me in a room with a guitar singing Scarecrow probably would not have suited the world of puppy.

F: Beneath it all, there is melody (which somtimes verges on being sing-songy). Is melody more natural for you than screaming/processed vocals?

O: Melody "Was" more difficult. Anyo ne can scream, few can scream with emotion and fewer scream with anything relevant to say. Anyway "singing" is but only "cultured screaming". ;)

F: Do you still (if ever) find yourself part of the industrial music scene?

O: Do I or did I ever find myself part of the Hollywood scene? The time one spends closely associated with some group or movement is best left to the memory of the participant. To say it was better then than now is only relevant to ones own perspective.

F: Any comments on what's been happening in the industrial genre these days?

O: TUNnE L vISion

F: What do you listen to, presently?

O: Oh a lot of old crap ,nico, chelsea, barrett, ..will always fall back on eno. New ..autechre, massive attack, panacea, industrial ball huggers, newt and mix tapes of current singles, i would never buy, from people who are kind enough to send tapes.

F: When will Welt finally see release?

O: A deal is in place ..late 98 or early 99

F: Any chance of a Ritalin tour?

O: At this point due to a lack of material, wouldn't want to rehash skinny puppy material would we, i would rather record this next album, then work on a tour.

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