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Drugg Pico. Email correspondance with cEvin Key. 22 February 1995.

From: (Cevin Key)
To: (Drugg Pico)
Subject: Re: cEVIN?
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:40:11 -0800

Drugg: Is Ogre participating in the new album?

cEVIN: lyrics, and the first few questions are for ogre (see attached puppy farmm)

Drugg:What are some of the movies you use clips from in the Worlock video? .

cEVIN: Dario Argento comes to mind?/parents/all who partook were credited at the end/many

Drugg: Are you gonna release a compilation of all your videos?

cEVIN: yes then we will as soon as time permits

Drugg: Do you or Ogre appear in the Spasmolytic video?

cEVIN: yes, ogre is the main drug abusing line snorter, and I play the part of the Postman on the bicycle who gives ogre his late bills, D is the exploding priest, Rave is the lab assistant

Pretty intersting huh? I don't have a clue what that blabber of an answer is about the Worlock stuff, and I don't know what "attached puppy farmm" he is talking about. That Spasmolytic info is cool tho, and I can't wait for the video to end all our suffering. I asked what the name of the new album is and if they have a song list yet, but maybe he means those questions should be asked of Ogre.

Drugg Pico

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