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Beldo, Jaye C. "Creepy Canadian Canines." Cake, July / August 1992.

People on the net emailed Jen Garber ( who forwarded the list of questions to Ogre.

1. What are the real relationships between you and a. Bill Leeb? - Old best drugging buddy, until the high wore away. Was a wierd fucker - fascist, perverted, loved disco. Oh, oh... Did introduce me to some of the best and strangest industrial. b. Al Jourgensen? - Old friend, still distant friends... worried... know an Al that differs from perceptions... Where are you? c. Ryhs Fulber? - Don't know him from the other 8 million nerds turned "heavy tattoo" mother fuckers. Looks a bit like J Thirwell.

2. What is your opinion of bootlegs? - Bootlegs appear mostly as crap recordings of things that are better off experienced live... Then there are the jack asses who out of "driving a horse 'til it's dead" will put out "official bootlegs" of material that they have most likely taken into the studio to polish up and re-record to make them real... hyper real. I'd say leave it to the kids who take it upon themselves to do it (trading, not profit)... And take it as a compliment.

3. What was the thing that made you kick your monkey? (not the group of things happening around you, but the one thing you looked at or was doing when you finally said fuck this shit). - I was walking around the streets finding and fronting dope... looking for dark places to shoot up... not being able to go into my own appartment... with a 13 year old girl who was far more coherent and logical in dealing with life, although entirely mixed up. I was dragged out of town by Pigface (blessed be) and came down with Hepatitas A in Sweden. I realized the race, hunger and stupidity was over...

4. I was wondering what brought about the ideas of The Process? It seems like an anarchy kind of concept, just like the Internet. - The Process is trying to link people into accepting the total sum of the parts that have, throughout time, polarized people. Through the acceptance of no one particular dogma, one begins to see the parts of all beliefs from which he/her can construct their own path or reality.

5. What is your most intense dream experience? - I have had dreams where breath is gone and forces far graeter than can be controlled are pulling at the core, center, soul. The feeling of departure and the fear sustained is both chilling and exhilarating... it is accompanied by total paralysis.

6. Will "Process" and "W.E.L.T." be released separately?" - YES!

7. Have you thought any more about doing a CD-ROM release? - Yes, although most cd-roms (except residents) seem boring and a novelty. I think at the moment cd-rom is only a usefull storage medium.

8. Do you plan on going to ComicCon this year? - Time willing.

9. Why are you so into distortion and voice overs? With the exception of the Pigface album, you seem to thrive on them. - I'm growing tired of a distorted vocal... Oh, wow another distorted vocal... Although I think Dave Ogilvie was brilliant at working on different patches from which a unique distortion which complimented rather than made redundant SP vocals. I'm entirely bored with using them all the time... I used it as a mask, to hide the imperfections in my voice.

10. Why did we have to wait so long for a new album? - Oh, that book is yet to be written!

11. What were your original influences, and was Puppy your first band? - Puppy was the first... the absence of much in my life and the abundance of other more esoteric things led me out of the post punk thing and straight into industrial. There was no turning back

12. Can you give us an official list of your music videos? Sothered hope Far Too Frail (live from one of the 1st shows) Dig It Stairs and Flowers Testure Warlock Spasmolytic Killing Game (New "Process"), still untitled

13. Are there plans for a video compilation, Back & Forth III, or another live album? If so, what and when? - Ask Cevin (not my department).

14. When's the "Download" album coming out? - Ditto (se above).

15. What is your favorite color? - redpurpleveinosblack.

16. What album by another artist would you say is among your favorites that most people would be surprised to hear? - Syd Barrett - man of magnesium proverbs.

17. What was the last good book you read? - Inferno - August Strindberg.

18. What's the one prop or techno-toy that you'd like to build, given unlimited $$$ or resources? - The anti-technology hand gun.

19. Why does Fruit Stripe gum loose it's flavor so quickly? - Because it's chemicals absorb oh so quickly... feeling calm.

20. Would you have liked to have been approached to do the musical scoring for a particular film or commercial? - Oh god, let's see... some real cool one...

21. If you could do a guest spot on any TV show, what would it be? - Do you mean if I could shit on anyones rug?!

22. If you could do a guest spot with any other band, who'd it be? - Redundant.

23. Is it true that Cven Key used to be an independent film maker and if so, is he still making films? - Not unless he's been keeping another horrible secret.

24. Why did they re-release "Bites and Remission" as two separate cds? - They were born that way, then rehatched as one.

25. If you had to write an epitaph for Skinny Puppy, what would it say?

Tasting the sound smokes open whenever lies there told lasting longer invention the heart or something grows cold DEAD PAN forward welt is ... laughing

26. Are there any new members in the band? - What band?

27. What have you been doing since "Last Rites"? - Wishing it was true.

28. Who directs your videos? (Esp. "Killing Game" and "Spasmolytic"). - Bill Morrison and I directed KG, Jim VanBebber did Spasmolytic. All other were directed mostly by myself with the help of Gary Smith (producer) and Dermot Shane.

29. If you had the means necessary, where would you escape to? - Far, far away...

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