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???. "???." Music From the Empty Quarter, 1995 (?).

"I met ogre through Pigface, now im working with Skinny Puppy (on the new album 'The Process'). Ogre doesn't have any effects on his voice and it sounds really good - he's got a great voice. The Pigface album was what set it all off, we both realised when we heard the playback that we couldn't be sure which voice was which, our voices blended so well. That got us thinking of doing things together. So on the new Skinny Puppy album Ive been basically hired as a consultant. I helped with concepts and ideas and information, the title of the album. I took alll my TG stuff into the studio and mangled it and showed them how it can be distorted and changed. Martin Atkins worked on it too (as producer after Rolli Mossiman was fired).

"From that, Ogre and I have decided that the next album we're gonna do it just him and me. We get on very well, but we can push each other - very intense!"

"There is an ongoing, long term project on the internet that will go along with the Puppy album. Weve got gopher sites so that when people get the album they'll be able to access all the information it was based on. They can go into it and find out all about a song and get references to other places, what we felt it implied and why...."

"I think the great thing with the SP connection is that Puppy, and we are really determined to do most of our work on the Internet. We've already worked out that we can do live concerts on net that people can download free."

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