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Dwayne Goettel. Interview by ???. ???, 1990.

Interviewer - Let's start with when you joined the band.

DRG - Sometimes it's like I've heard how the band started so many times in so many interviews and stuff. Sometimes after a while, you've heard the story, and it sounds like such a little saga or something, and after a while, you don't want to answer those kind of questions anymore. I don't know, that's what happens to me. Every once in a while, one of the other guys feels like telling it. I don't know, most of the time I can't be persuaded.

Int. - Well you were in a band before you joined Skinny Puppy, right?

DRG - Yeah, just like small things that didn't end up anywhere or anything like that, and I wanted to be in a band like Skinny Puppy anyway. There are lots of things everyone has to go through and do - find out about all the basics of music and studio and that kind of stuff. It just was there wasn't that many people who were really into doing the music like that. We just met up by gigs and stuff like that, and Bill wanted to quit and go on his own to do Front Line Assembly, and so I met up with them frequently.

Int. - So the first album you did with them was Mind: The Perputual Intercourse?

DRG - Yeah, just a couple of songs. Most of it had been written - the bulk of it. "Dig It" and "One Time One Place" were already there, so my first experience was right in the middle of writing the album. I just set up all my equipmnent and Cevin had a studio set up in his apartment, and just went for it, and we're still working here today.

Int. - Are you working on a Skinny Puppy project now?

DRG - No, there's a whole bunch of different projects going on. As you probably know, with the "Rabies" album, Al (Jourgensen) was producing and playing a little guitar and stuff like that.

Int. - Were you happy working with him?

DRG - Sure.

Int. - A lot of people don't like him, and were kind of disappointed to see his name on the record. He seems to be spreading himself thin these days. He is involved with so many things at once.

DRG - Do they think that it is a sell out?

Int. - I don't know. When people heard Fascist Jock Itch, it sounded to them like stuff he does, and it scared them.

DRG - They wanted another Skinny Puppy album instead of another Al project.

Int. - It doesn't sound like an Al record when I listen to it.

DRG - We all like it, and I can see the worry in people's eyes, but it doesn't worry us. We did it, and we like it, and I'm not worried about doing another just like it, you know? The next album doesn't have to go to the Land of Rape and Honey. We could go back to the old or head to the future or whatever can happen there, but everybody's like, taking a break and going on their diversions now. This is like the decade is over, and everybody's going off in their own circles, and other things are going on. Ogre's doing more work with Al. He's on tour with him right now in the Ministry band. They're touring, and they've got all these guys touring with them. That's going on, and they've done some videos. Cevin and I did another project that will be out in a little while called "Hilt." That's with another singer, Al Chubby, who is, like, our film guy on tour with Skinny Puppy. He's been friends with Cevin for some time, and we finally got into the studio and realized another thing, and that's different and far away from old Skinny Puppy. There's some bridges across there in-between Skinny Puppy, but there's definitely some things on there that don't really fit into anywhere. There's not room for it in a Skinny Puppy band or whatever. That will be out in February. It will be a 6 song EP and later on in the year an album.

Int. - Will that be on Nettwerk too?

DRG - Yeah.

Int. - You also played on the Tear Garden album, right? Will there be any more of that?

DRG - Yeah, that was after one of the tours, and there was a lot of people involved with that, too. I don't know when the scheduling of that is gonna happen. We're hoping that we can fit it in again this year. We're working pretty much all the time now. We're workaholics.

Int. - Will there be a Skinny Puppy tour at all this year?

DRG - There may be or maybe not, I don't know. It's, like, a 50/50 deal. I could say there will be no more Skinny Puppy tours or records again ever, or I could not.

Int. - If you had your choice would you go on tour again?

DRG - I want to if everybody else does. I don't know. I feel excited, because everybody sort of gets to do what they want, and there's nothing really to worry about. I think we're all doing what we want. I really like "Rabies." I liked the way it turned out, and working with Al - and I'm sure Al is really happy with his situation - and working with Ogre. We've got that and Tear Garden coming up, and there's another project with Cevin and myself called "Doubthing Thomas." I don't know when and where it will come out, but somethime this year it'll get done, and that will be all vocal-less type music. Soundtrack-type music.

Int. - What was the story with you getting arrested on last year's tour?

DRG - Someone in the audience saw that Ogre was chopping up a dog on stage. It's a stuffed dog that looks like a real dog. So they phone the police, the police come down, and they're like "Oh, these fucking weirdos coming to our town and being weird." They just want to get someone. They're not too interested in what's going on. Obviously we're making a show about vivisection, and that's what we're talking about - the fact that universities and all over the place dogs are being cut up. But in a weird way, the police end up going down and screwing with the people who ae just trying to say "Hey look, this is going on!" It's like they are saying, "Hey, shut up! We don't want to hear that, we don't want to see that," but yet it's going on all over the place, and nobody wants to hear about it. The cops came in, and it's obviously a stuffed dog - you know, Mr. TV-guy Policeman and gotta get their man. It's like a big deal guys, and as soon as you say that and make them look like idiots, although the words were a little harsher than that back and forth. That's just like what happened. How come the police aren't busting into the universities there and going "Hey look, all these animals are getting killed," but if someone puts on a performance and simulates it, they get hassled.

Int. - Before, if I'm taking it the right way, your performances were more on a political level with war and stuff, but the last tour was focused more on environmental and animal rights issues. Will you continue that direction if you tour or on records?

DRG - I couldn't say. I know that when I talked to Ogre about it, his ideas were in, yes, those categories, but wanting to take it further or whatever. I also know that he wants to go out on the road with Ministry and that kind of band for a while. Everybody's gotta find their piece of whatever, and so we're all doing that. If there is a show, it's probably gonna be along those lines. But supposing means nothing, right?

Int. - So the current state of the band is on hold? There's been rumors of a break-up.

DRG - Yeah, like a hiatus or whatever. We're out here, and Ogre's out there. But we've lived far away from each other before.

Int. - Of all the Skinny Puppy records, which one is your favorite?

DRG - I like this one (Rabies) the best.

Int. - (At this point we discuss lyrics and stuff, and somehow get on the subject of pictures of the band.)

DRG - Why can't we just be a band and make music and not have any pictures?

Int. - It is kind of expected when you're in a band in the public eye, and they want to see what you look like. I do notice there are very few pictures on Skinny Puppy records.

DRG - Yeah, I think there's a picture of the band and one of Ogre's eye.

Int. - Yeah, and all the photos are blurry and out of focus.

DRG - Would you rather see us standing around with guitars and babes going (in a weird voice oozing with sarcasm) "Yeah, Skinny Puppy," and have some dogs and chopped up meat and say "Hey, the new Skinny Puppy album?"

Interviewer - You did a video for Worlock.

DRG - Yeah, there's one kicking around.

Int. - There's a 12" coming out for it too?

DRG - Yeah, it will be a 12" edit. It's not a full remix, it's just a re-edit.

Int. - Any new songs on it?

DRG - Yeah, there will be a slowed down version of Tin Omen on it and another song called Brak Talk.

Int. - The live song on the CD (Spahn Dirge), where was that recorded?

DRG - That was recorded at Mushroom on a night with everybody playing and talking on it. It should say "live" on it. What do the people think of that song?

Int. - I'm the only person I know who likes it, and I didn't think I would, but after about 3 listens, I started to really like it.

DRG - That's what people around here say too. Everyone in the band and who was there that night, they love it.

Int. - It grows on you, but I couldn't sit and listen to it a hundred times like the other stuff.

DRG - That's why it's the b-side of a 12".

Int. - How many tours have you done since you joined?

DRG - There was 2 to Europe, 3 American, and 2 Canadian.

Int. - Were you on the Chud Convention 12"?

DRG - No, I wasn't there. That would be like the same kind of thing that the 16 minute song (Spahn Dirge) would be in a way. I don't like it, and some people I know don't like it.

Int. - The European stuff is different too.

DRG - Yeah, it's like if you buy it all, you got it. There's also gonna be a package where they put Chainsaw, Stairs and Flowers, Dig It, Assimilate, and Addiction all on a record or something.

Int. - Was that a brilliant marketing scheme to get people to buy more stuff?

DRG - No, it's just too many songs. We just have too many songs to be in one band.

Int. - Did you write as many songs for this album as you did the last?

DRG - More. I think there was more, as Rabies is a result of a lot of writing, but that writing is still being used.

Int. - Rabies was more musical. Was it planned to be or did it just happen?

DRG - I think it was planned. After doing VIVIsect, it was very satisfying for us, but with everything, you do it and like it and do your best, but then you want to do something else.

Int. - Are all 3 of you real big into the animal rights and vegetarian thing?

DRG - Ican't say that 100%. I'd say that it's not as much for everybody to be on the same wavelength. Obviously there are things that we are at issue with ourselves. We're not standing up on stage and preaching and saying "This is my point of view, and you must think it too." That divides people, ideas, and energy too much. I think that all we can really say is "Take a good look at this," don't you think?

Int. - You just want to open up people's eyes.

DRG - Yeah, even though they don't want to be opened up. If you ask Ogre, he won't say it the same way if you ask him today. If you ask me again tomorrow, I'll answer a bit differently. It's not gonna be exactly the same. I think there are too many people walking around on stage asking for big lights, big smoke, big flash, and it's all fake.

Int. - How many videos have you done?

DRG - Smothered Hope and Far too Frail were this video, and then there's Dig It, Stairs and Flowers, Testure, and bootlegs of Deadlines and Who's Laughing Now. Nettwerk is gonna release "Ain't it Dead Yet?" with 3 or 4 videos at the end, and put it in a package.

Int. - Any final comments to my readers who will hate me for not covering as much punk rock anymore?

DRG - Punk rock. The punkers are all upset cuz all this industrial techno shit comes in, right. They ain't the REAL punk. They don't want this faggot makeup shit.

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