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Comtois. Email correspondance with Ogre. Late 1995 (?).

What's the current status of skinny puppy?

I have left the band which hopefully will put the dog to rest... No emotion driving what was once interesting... The last album remains as a testament and should provide an interesting ending.

What about the likelyhood of another puppy album, and how this may or may not affect the contract w/ American Records?

Its gone to the place where greed-induced marriages by paper go.

How about the possibility of a tour to support The Process (if it's released)?

Definately not. No fucking way... Sorry...

What is WELT going to sound like? Samples?

Totally electronic... To squash any rumors of a grungy kind of ogre thang.

Any hints on music styles for WELT? Similarities or differences to puppy....

Vocal style is where the similarities end... I wouldn't want to copy Puppy as I would laugh at the resurrection of the "name" SP for "name" value+money.

Will the stage effects play as large a role in future shows as they did for puppy?

Of course... That's me.

Any plans for future collaborations with GPO and Pigface?

Gen and I have talked although he has recently been injured... Time heals and tells.

Will work w/ GPO be similar to Psychick TV, or a totally new innovation?


When you guys tour, do you rent hotel space, or just crash with friends (seems more practical), or just sort of migrate about...

Bus and hotels... I need space.

What kind of effects rack do you use for vocal effects?

We've used so many things, from certain pedals, compressors, H3000, two amps (one over-driving the other), flangers... You name it... It's all kind of boring to me... It's easy to distort the "truth".

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