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???. "Ogre to ohGr." Buffalo News, 15 June 2001, G36.

When maverick electronic and industrial band Skinny Puppy broke up back in 1995, frontman Nivek Ogre was busier than ever working with his growing list of side projects from Pigface to KMFDM, and even a one-off collaboration with Martin Atkins under the name Bedside Toxicology. With the OhGr project, he collaborated with producer Mark Walk (Pigface, Ruby) on tracks for a recording that was shelved by legal problems for five years. Finally breaking free of the legal holding pattern, Ogre and Walk re-examined and refined the songs, releasing them as their Spitfire Records debut "Welt." Ogre found a positive side to the delay, learning a process he calls the "metamorphosis of ideas into songs" that created an ultimately satisfying result.

"Skinny Puppy was more of an experimental group that wasn't so much based in craft," Ogre said. "There was a lot of spontaneity and that's what I pursued. With what I'm doing now, it's been a big gateway for me, and big vehicle to explore and settle down into who I really am."

In its quest to showcase national acts, the Continental, 212 Franklin St., hosts a concert by OhGr featuring Ogre, former Skinny Puppy bandmate cEVIN Key and Tom Skold of KMFDM at 7:30 p.m. today. Tickets are $17 in advance, $18.50 day of the show. For more information, call 855-3938.


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