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???. "There and Back: Celebrating 15 Years of Artists Who Shaped A.P." Alternative Press, September 2000, no. 146.

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Skinny Puppy


Industrial-rocks aural and visual juggernaut were featured on the cover of A.P. 35 (Jan. 1990), after the release of "Too Dark Park." Irreconcilable differences and the drug-related death of keyboardist Dwayne (note: they misspelled it in the article as Duane) Goettel ended the band in 1996.

Current Whereabouts>
Charismatic frontman Ogre spent his spring as an artist-in-residence at Canada's Banff Center For The Arts. He and foil Mark Walk have completed two albums under the name Ohgrr (formerly WELT) to be released this year on Spitfire label. Multi-instrumentalist cEVIN Key (a.k.a. Kevin Crompton) has completed work on new discs by Tear Garden and Download, and is working on a solo album for Metropolis. He will Travel across America in late October Download/Tear Garden/Plateau touring campaign. At presstime, the duo were working on a special one-off Puppy reunion, to be held Aug. 20 ay Dresden, Germany's Doomsday Festival.

Top Dog Ogre
Looks Forward Into The Past

A.P.: So why the reunion?

Ogre: The German promoters had been calling me for three years. Because of things that were going on in my personal life, I finally threw out a figure, thinking that they wouldn't accept it. And they did. [laughs]

A.P.: Will the performance have a theme or a story line?

Ogre: It's a "greatest-hits" kind of thing. I'm approaching this Puppy show more as an installation piece than a rock show. We're playing around with the archetype.

A.P.: Over the years, Puppy's moves have lifted by fifth-rate bands and modern-rock millionaires, and I still see the SP logo on leather jackets. Did time catch up with Puppy, or is there a nostalgia cult in force?

Ogre: Maybe everyone's running on nostalgia, but nostalgia of what? There wasn't a mass movement to what we did, but there's a lot of people that want a taste of whatever that was.

A.P.: Inevitable question: Could you and cEVIN work together again as a semi-permanent entity to create new music?

Ogre: It's hard to say. We certainly haven't had any bad vibes. The bad vibes are coming from people in our past who want to jump on the junket with us to Germany! [laughs]

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