The reasons for the comeback

Zillo:  What are the reasons for the comeback?


N.O.: My personal reasons (cEvin’s could be different): I had health and financial problems. In a dark and hopeless situation I agreed. Also the money and the chance to realize our chances.

... Actually I don’t know how much money we will get....


Zillo: Is the show only for one time or will it go further with S.P.?


N.O.:  From my side nothing else other than this single show, where a live recording will happen, is planned. There are no plans for the future or a new S.P. album. Too many people around us died and it is very  difficult to start from the beginning. But never say never. We will see what happens after the show.


Zillo: What can we expect from the show?


N.O.: It will be a special show, which is created especially for the venue. It will be much like theatre and very visually. Furthermore there will be the pyrotechnical person who is in charge of Ramstein.  The story of the Multimedia-Theatre-Show has been created by myself. It’s very emotional.  I’m very good in creating things and destroying them later. Paranoia, fears and the search for myself are very important.


Zillo: Which songs will be played?


N.O.:  Depends on the Multi-Media-Show which I haven’t seen yet. In any case I want „Smothered Hope“ and „Hardset Head“. cEvin wants to play „Love in vein“.


Zillo: Will you have some additional musicians on stage, for example Bill Leeb?


N.O.:  Bill Leeb will definetely not attend the show. Never! We’re in contact with some persons but nothing is concrete.


Zillo: How is the relationship between you and cEvin now?


N.O.: Our relationship has become really better. There has been a period of four years in which we talked not a single word. It was terrible. In the meantime you can call our relationship O.K.. In a stupid way we belong together.


Zillo: Do you think that Dwayne, in heaven or where ever his spirit is , would agree to the reunion?


N.O.: Very difficult and good question. First we have to ask if there is something like heaven. Do you belive there is?


Zillo: I believe there is a life after death.


N.O.: I also blieve in a so called spiritual power. If Dwayne would agree nobody can answer. But I hope so.  I think it is blesphemous for some people, that we will be on stage under the name Skinny Puppy. But this we can not change.


Zillo: In the past one important thing of the band was rage, political motivation and very strong emotions. How much has left of that?


N.O.: I think there has been a lot of rage in the band. This is still existing . At least in my head. It’s full of aggressions, fears, nightmares and depressions. This was always a good basis for our music. I have never seen us as a political band... Dwayne, cEvin and I were very emotional....SPK  had the most influence on us. We combined these elements...My personal aims were to live out my destructive side... When Dwayne and Rave Ogilvie joined the band the music became more complex. With drugs it changed again.


Zillo: You were strictly against animal experiments. Are you still?


N.O.: I’m still absolutely against animal experiments. Animals have the same feelings then humans. They know what’s right or wrong, can love and hate...A lot of sicknesses can not be cured with animal experiments. I have a big problem with this. No human would like to suffer such torture.


Zillo: You don’t like to see animals on drugs. But you did a lot of experiments with yourself. When did you realize first that hard drugs could destroy S.P.?


N.O.: Everybody has made his experience with drugs. I just felt that drugs could destroy the band when Dwayne died on overdose. That was really terrible. However, I was too busy  with my own drug problems to realize immediately... The dead of Dwayne was a tragedy for me. I lost a person I never knew like I wanted to know.


Zillo: Do you think you could have done such intensive music without drugs?


N.O.: I don’t want to make advertising for drugs, because I have done too much bad expirience with drugs. But I think that it wouldn’t have been without. You just have to listen to „Last Rights“. It’s unbelieveable intensive. But the price you have to pay is too high. Drugs only distroy you, they don’t help. Now I know this.


Zillo: In this context, are you satisfied with „The Process“ after all?


N.O.: From buisness side of course not. We got a big advance payment, but nothing has been left. I don’t want to tell what has happened to the money. Anyway, it was the first album on which we spent a lot of time. A lot of „The Process“ has been made by Dwayne. But the circumstances the album turned out were not very happy. We stayed  half a year in a house in Malibu . It was horror. Everybody went crazy. It just happened a lot of shit. Drugs. After all „The Process“ is representative for S.P. What the band stood for and is staying for.


Zillo: Among these dark hours there must have been some happy moments. What was the best time with S.P. for you?


N.O.: Unfortunately the dark moments predominate, but there were a few rays of hope. Very good times were the recordings for „VIVIsect VI“ and „Too dark park“. That was cool. But also the first years were exciting and funny. ... When I die sometimes and look back to S.P.  there will be one happening I can remember very well.

During one of our first tours we stopped in Calgary at my Mom’s. The whole band sat around a big table and my mother did something yummy for dinner. That was a very peaceful evening. Everybody showed up at his best side. Like the perfect sons or sons-in-law. If you ask cEvin he will remind somethng different for sure. But for me it was the happiest moment.


Zillo: I really hope that there will be some more positve incidents than negative. What about your solo projects?


N.O.: After the fiasco with American Records, who didn’t want to publish my W.E.L.T. stuff, I finally found another label which is interested in my new stuff. We finalized two complete albums under the project name O.H.R. At the moment my partner Mark Walk is mixing the material. The music is very electronical with a little bit of Pop. We hope it will be available at our show in Germany. But this depends on the time I have for my own things until August.This Skinny Puppy story will need a lot of time and is staying in the forefront.


Zillo: Hopefully N.O. and c. K. will decide to work on new material after the reunion show. Together they are the best. This they will prove for sure at the reunion show.