TW:there were rumours last year that puppy was going to break up,did this have an affect on the band?

cEVIN: I think the rumour was a result of what was happening in the band.we had so many different ideas and no way to try them out. Ogre was touring in Ministry and playing with the revolting Cocks. but since then he'shad a falling out with those guys, perhaps for the better.Withpout that I doubt we'd be able to be as together as we are now.which is probably more than ever before.

TW:On your Vivsect VI LP you had alot of lyrics dealing with enviromental and social concerns as well as animal rights.Do you focus on these issues in Too Dark Park?

Key: Thses issues have always been a concern of ours - we look at the worldthrough our eyes and interpret the world through our language, which comesout in our music. It's subject to interpretatioin by the listener and heapplies it to his concerns we are very much aware of nature and peopleand the non political side of everything.

TW:: Do you express this in your shows with props and videos?

Key: This shows exposes more of the internal personal trauma and videosabout the MPA and censorship. There's quite a bit of transformation goingon from the character (that ogre acts out) to the next. We're trying to explore and look at it from different perspectives.

TW: what do you do outside the group towards these concerns.?

Key: We can only use our avenues such as releasing records to make our statement.On the outside, we have been involved with animal rights groupsand some groups setup booths outside the show and we support that.If anyone wanted us to take it furthur, I wonder where we'd get the time.

TW: What particular issues are you active with.?

Key: We'', censorship in the sense of our records and in the sensse offilms. There's a great deal of focus on worldly issues such as war andpollution. On the Warlock twelve inch there were a few lines advocating a new rating for horror films instead of just slapping an Xrating on them. The new NC-17 rating was adopted recently in the states.

TW: Did you experience alot of problems with the testure video die to the amouint of gore shown in it?

Key: Well; here in canada there's a large bias against anything that doesn't hit you in the lollipop department. I have to be supportive of things likeindependant music and college radio.

TW: did the fact tha your videos might not get played on Much Musicaffect your decision on their content?

Key: Well, we'll just continue to do what we've always done.We'll make a video of whatever we want, something like what we'd like to see in a video. We're fans of our own work, And if we weren't then I wouldn't care about what was in the video. We do have an intention to go back to Vancouver and make a few videos for songs off Too Dark Park.

TW: What other projects are you currently working on?

Key: Well Hilt is me, Dwayne, Ogilvie and a Al Nelson and a couple of guys from Caterwaul. And we have another solo project which is justmyself and dwayne which is kind of like instrumental Skinny Puppy.Like taped voices and the like, that's called Doubting Thomas.I just talked to Edward Ka-Spell recently and there should be anothertear Garden record out sometime this year. I also did a twelve inchwith the guys from Frontline Assembly which I'm not really happywithm But Bill asked me to work with him and I had nothing elseto do: that's called Cyberaktif. Actually, I hate it.There are other things in the works, but for now we're planningon doing is finishing this tour, coming back and making some videos.We just finished the new Hilt album. Then we're off to Europe as Skinny Puppy, then come back and record the next Puppy album.

TW: What was it like working with Al Jourgensen on your last LP.

Key: IT kind of made it a holiday working with him, a departure.It wasn't a follow up to a previoud Puppy album, it was totallydifferent.I think it allowed us to expel alot of things and tryout some new ideas that we would have thrown out without him. Ideas that wouldn't fit into out other projects: Hilt, Teargarden,Doubting Thomas. It helped us get back and concentrate on what Skinny Puppy;s all about.

TW: Are you keeping up your contacts with severed heads?You toured as puppy with them years ago.

Key: I Last talked to Tom when I was working on Doubting Thomasaround May of last year. Tom works best on his own. His wholedirectinon has changed, INcredibly. City Slab Horror, Blubberknifeand Gashing the Old Mae west and those types of things, I love them.But ever since Come Visit the Big Bigot it's been like totaldisco, I can't understand it. I give him shit about it all thetime. He tells me he's going to start a new band wirh a differentname and put out some new stuff like his early material.

TW: What about your A Chud Convention with A;Grumh?

Key: That was just some stupid thing we did one day in the studio.It wasn't even a studio! We were just hacking aroundone day,moaning and groaning into a mic and they actually released it,I was sort of surprised. It wasn't an attempt at doing a projector snything. It was just a one time thing.

TW: I remember from one of your other interviews you said youwanted to do some work with Blixa Bargeld of EN - is anything major in the works?

Key: I did one song with him on the Cyberaktif track and heplayed piano on the track.

TECHNOLOGY WORKS zine, issue #6. Interview by Ken Chasse .