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Ogre. Interviewed by Gyorgy Wittinger, Danubius Radio Online. 22 August 2005.

Nivek Ogre, the band's frontman answered a few our questions before their show at the main stage.

There's a lot of time since your last performance in Hungary. Was it the only country behind the iron curtain, or have you visited any other?

I remember we have been in Yugoslavia also. Everything was so different then, and it was really interesting for us. I mean, it was different to be in a country like this, especially when we came here right after Austria. It's unbelievable that so many things have changed since then.

There was almost a decade between your "Process (1996)" and "The Greater Wrong of the Right (2004) albums...what does that time mean for you?

The death of Dwayne Rudlph Goettel was a disaster for the band. We needed this amount of time to continue as Skinny Puppy, and seeking for the guitarist and drummer also took some time. After the Doomsday performance in 2000 we (ogre + key) took a trip to Prague, when we felt we have put too much work into that concert so we wanted to do some more...we wanted to go on tour again, but not with that retro material, so we decided to record new tracks.

And what's up with your solo works? For example, will you record a new Ohgr album?

I want that in any case. But Skinny Puppy is now the most important. As the tour is finshed we will go to studio to start work on the new album.

Very good news! Could you tell us something about it?

It will be very different from the last album. I really dig the full and cool sound of the early Human League. I am thinking in that direction. There will be guitars, of course. So in any case you can expect some heavy, "full" sound.

How you produce the albums? Are the band members living in the same city at least?

Yes, we all live in Los Angeles. The production have changed in comparison with the old times: then we have used to jam and something was created out of it. Nowadays somebody works on an idea, and the others work further on it. if we like it then we continue the creation, forming it further, until the final form of the track.

Your last video, Pro-Test was very succesful among non-fans too, it's style being totally different from your past videos. Maybe this is the reason some people doubt if it is an official video. So, what's the truth?

It's absolutely official. Bil Morrison, who also plays guitar in the band, did some document videos about breakdancers before . He came with the idea and we really liked it. We worked on details together. It will be on the DVD also.

Any plans for making other videos from The Greater Wrong of the right?

No, we want to focus on the new album only after the tour.

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