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This is the beginning of my attempt to compile a sort of bibliography for Skinny Puppy et al. I plan on listing all relevant interviews and articles of substance (for the moment excepting reviews and concert announcements) with links to those that have been submitted, are available online, or that I have found myself. This is by no means complete - but I'm getting there.

This archive does not currently list reviews of recordings or concerts or audio or video interviews (except in cases where transcriptions are available).

Many interviews which were posted online at one point have vanished. In these cases I have attempted to archive a copy at Litany. If no copy could be found, I have left the link to the article's original location and the label [DEAD LINK]. If any further articles turn up dead, let me know. Some articles were housed locally at Litany prior to this project and I have not reformated these to conform with the rest of the archive.

I have tried to preserve the original nods to whoever sent the links, scans, or transcriptions to Litany. In the cases of things that were kept at other sites before Litany I have tried to credit the site.

If you wish to contribute, please email as much information about the entry as possible to me using the contact information for this site.


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