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August 23 2013


Update :: Corey

Dwayne Goettel died of a drug overdose 18 years ago today. There is nothing romantically tragic about it. It's just terrible and it will forever remain so. If you're an addict, know that there is help is out there for you. You're not carrying anything that you cannot put down. Get help.

August 15 2013


Update :: Corey
Legendary Pink Dots Curse of Marie Antoinette

Following the release of the Legendary Pink Dots Gethsemane Option via Metropolis is another brand new, full length album, The Curse of Marie Antoinette, released in 180-gram picture-disc vinyl form via Rustblade. The label describes it thusly:::

The Curse of Marie Antoinette is a concept album created exclusively for this picture disc release limited to 299 copies. It's unique atmosphere runs like a thread from the title track piano lullaby graced by Edward's melancholic voice to the repeating bassline and psychedelia of "Halluination 33", arriving then at the transformations of Side B's lysergic tones and disturbing offerings like "Ballerina on a Rice Paper Leaf" and "Ghost of a Summer to Come." 45 minutes of storytelling touching on reincarnation, other worldly dimensions, romance and fear to be enjoyed by candle light. A collector's jewel not to be missed by lovers of the cosmic music that The Legendary Pink Dots so aptly create.

Legendary Pink Dots Curse of Marie Antoinette

With new LPD and Dubcon following Weapon and Lingham, 2013 is proving to be a good year for music. Pre-order the limited-edition album, set for release on September 15th and check out the preview:::

August 09 2013


Update :: Corey

Prepare for Dubcon - cEvin Key's new collaboration with Ryan Moore of Twilight Circus, formerly of Legendary Pink Dots, the Tear Garden, and Hilt. The project's debut album, UFO Pon Di Gullyside, arrives October 22nd via Metropolis Records.

I asked cEvin to give us a bit of the story behind the album:::

Dubcon is a project that Ryan Moore and I have been tossing around for years. We've always liked to jam together, so it was time Ryan came and spent some time with me at Subconscious Studios to lay some stuff down. Mutually we've always loved dub, Ryan has been instrumental to influencing me over the years with traditional dub and then when the German minimalist dub scene happened with maurizio / basic channel / chain reaction it kind of inspired our own cross pollenization of ideas. The album was recorded over the past year, with pieces coming from Ryan's travels with Sly Dunbar and Michael Rose, we were able to blend those with modular electronics and extra studio treatments. The sessions have turned out a lot of material, and we already have some 7 ideas for a second album underway. Our buddy Databomb Dre also dropped some percussion in the mix. Ken Marshall mixed a track and we took care of the rest. Simon Paul came up with the perfect vibe for the sleeve, a tribute to a couple friends I lost in Jamaica last year, as well as to our buddy The Scientist, who we hope to collab with soon on the next venture. All this Jamaica had to come out somewhere!

Pre-order the album here at Metropolis Records

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