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April 16 2014


Update :: Corey
Phil Western Longform

Phil Western of Download has released a solo record of brand new material, Longform, via the Rustblade Label. Longform comes in a deluxe double gatefold vinyl edition limited to just 499 copies. It's hard to believe but this marks his first ever full-length vinyl release. Download fans are urged to investigate this half of the equation. Take a look at what people are saying about it on our forum.

Phil Western Longform

Take a listen to this trailer:::

Order Longform from Rustblade.

April 02 2014


Update :: Corey
Yesterday's post was an April Fools Day joke. Litany isn't going anywhere. While it's true that the rise of social media networks has impacted how people get their music news, I don't think that means that Litany cannot still serve a purpose. We've got some cool things in the planning stages. Besides, it would be a shame to take down that lyric archive, recently honored with the "Clinging to a Web Design from 1997" Award from Lazy Webmaster Monthly.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to be along for the ride and a tip of the Dhatt to everyone who played along yesterday.

April 01 2014


Update :: Corey

It is with a heavy heart and a heavier sigh that I type these words as I know they begin what will be the final Litany post. Litany has kept the Skinny Puppy fan base informed and connected for 17 years. It has become increasingly clear, though, that in a world of corporately owned social media, Litany is outdated and out-priced. We simply cannot keep pace with Facebook as a news outlet and our attempts at data-mining or providing flashy ads or game apps to our users fell short (the Litanyville game is a debacle I choose never to revisit). We're not cool anymore, so, ultimately, what's the point? After much careful consideration and personal introspection, I have decided that it is time to close our doors for good and graceful bow out of the digital landscape.

It's been an amazing ride and I thank those who have helped, too numerous to mention. I'd especially like to thank the band for their years of support, when Litany served as their official mouthpiece. Moreover, I'd like to thank the Litany readers and forum members whose participation and enthusiasm fueled this machine for so long. We simply wouldn't have existed without you.

Forum users will have until the end of this week to save any content they wish, after which point the forum will be taken offline permanently, and perhaps donated to an academic archive for future study.

I am choosing not to be sad about this. Right now, my mind drifts to the many fantastic moments in Litany history, like the adventures of Mish's Dhatt or that time that funny thing happened on the forum. I truly hope that you've enjoyed what Litany has offered. See you soon.

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