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January 26 2014


Update :: Corey
With the tour officially underway (visit the forum for show reports) there's sure to be a lot of press for the band. First up is this interview with cEvin Key in the Phoenix New Times. Here's a clip regarding Solvent:::

I had an idea how I originally made and I wondered if I followed the exact steps if it would turn out the same. It kinda did, but in a weird way because it obviously has a newer sound.

Read the whole deal here.

Also of interest is a full, thoughtful profile of the band's history in OC Weekly. Here's a clip:::

Although cult musical figures such as Syd Barrett and Ian Curtis were lyrical inspirations to Ogre, he has cited the book Les Chants de Maldoror by the Comte de Lautreamont (a pseudonym for Isidore Ducasse) as the blueprint for his goals with Skinny Puppy. The book consists of the nihilistic tales of the title character, Maldoror, who recognizes beauty and goodness but for various reasons spends most of his life spitting in the face of God and committing evil deeds.

Read the whole article here.

January 21 2014


Update :: Corey
cEvin Key has just posted some new material on Bandcamp from a brand new project called Neko Inochi, which means "no life without cat." Neko Inochi is a collaboration of cEvin Key, Ken Marshall, Djoto of the Beyond the Vault series, U Hang No Da of Utero ZZZAAA, and U-Tarou and Mikito of BAAL.

Get Neko Inochi right here.

Also newly available is the previously unreleased cEvin Key solo track called Toymaker posted on SoundCloud.

Listen to Toymaker here:::

Lastly, Subcon's new module Vampire M52 will be at the NAMM show beginning this Friday, just a few miles away from the kick-off show of Skinny Puppy's Lives Shapes for Arms tour that night at the Observatory. It's hard to believe the tour is only a few days away. Be sure to visit the tour section on the Litany forum for discussion of the shows as well as fan meet-up details.

January 08 2014


Update :: Corey

DJMREX, opening for Skinny Puppy on the first chunk (1/24 through 2/3) of the almost-here Live Shapes for Arms tour, is the new project of Cyrusrex (contributor to Puppy's Goneja) and Douglas J. McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb). They've just released their first EP, co-produced and engineered by the inimitable Ken Marshall.

Check it out now before the live show at their Bandcamp or hit up their main site for more info and music.

January 08 2014


Update :: Corey
skinny puppy illisit video

Fangoria recently interviewed Jason Alacrity about the video he directed for Puppy's Illisit. Here's a clip:::

Skinny Puppy fans can be a bit...intense. And I'm glad I gave them something most feel did the band justice and lives inside of their world. Even three weeks later I still get emails and Facebook comments saying how much folks enjoy it. But all the forum/social media comments I've read, my favorite still has to be "SAWING SKULLS! HARDEST OF CORES."

Read the whole thing here.

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