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January 31 2017


Update :: Corey
SKINNY PUPPY tour poster

May 30 London, UK
Jun 1 Barcelona, Spain
Jun 3 Den Haag, Netherlands
Jun 4 Leipzig, Germany
Jun 5 Hungary, Budapest
Jun 6 Prague, CZ
Jun 7 Lausanne, Switzerland
Jun 9 Paris, France
Jun 10 Kortrijk, Belgium
Jun 12 Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 13 Gothenburg, Sweden
Jun 14 Stockholm, Sweden
Jun 16 Helsinki, Finland

August 23 2016


Update :: Corey

July 22 2016


Update :: Corey
Tear Garden

cEvin Key and Edward Ka-Spel have announced a new album in the works from their utterly extraordinary, ocean-crossing collaborative project, The Tear Garden.

This time, they're giving fans the opportunity to have unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes updates and supporter rewards ranging from autographed posters to test pressings to Edward Ka-Spel's own Micro-Korg via crowd-funding.

Read more and find out how you can help make this new record happen here at PledgeMusic.

May 25 2016


Update :: Corey
Skinny Puppy - Weapon

The original 2013 vinyl pressing of Skinny Puppy's Weapon sold out faster than a metaphor is escaping me. By popular demand Metropolis has repressed the album in a limited edition of just 1000 copies - 600 black vinyl and 400 on red vinyl. Get them now before they're disappeared faster than a secret government mind control program, erased from our collective memories with the pulsing dopamine rush of the next social media spectacle. But I digress. Like most albums with art from Steven Gilmore, Weapon on vinyl is an object to behold, not just to hear.

Order the black vinyl or red vinyl or get the both, and then try the blindfold test to see if you can tell which color is which by sound alone.

February 01 2016


Update :: Corey

Dwayne R. Goettel

Today marks another birthday that Dwayne Goettel is not here to celebrate. In honor of his contributions to all of our lives I urge everyone dealing with addiction to seek help. There are resources available. You are not alone.

January 20 2016


Update :: Corey
Skinny Puppy Merch Online

Everyone's been asking for it. Now you can order the merch from the last few Skinny Puppy tours on your internet machine with the click of your mouse and have it instantly appear on your doorstep days later. Then you're just a quick change away from having your person emblazoned with the incomparable artwork of Allen Jaeger and Steven R. Gilmore. Designs are available from the tours of the past few years plus some classic album artwork.

Visit the store here.

October 22 2015


Update :: Corey
Down the Socio Path

Here are the complete and updated Skinny Puppy / Youth Code tour dates (including the recently added Tempe show) with links to get tickets for the Down the Socio Path tour - kicking off in a week!

Las Vegas, NV
Hard Rock Cafe

Tucson, AZ
Rialto Theatre

Tempe, AZ
Marquee Theatre

Albuquerque, NM
Sunshine Theater

El Paso, TX
Tricky Falls Theater

Houston, TX
Warehouse Live

Austin, TX
FUN FUN FUN FEST - Auditorium Shores

Dallas, TX
Gas Monkey Live

New Orleans, LA
House of Blues

Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Soundstage

Huntington, NY
The Paramount

Niagara Falls, NY
Rapids Theatre

Cleveland, OH
The Agora Theater and Ballroom

Pontiac, MI
Crofoot Ballroom

Milwaukee, WI
The Rave

Boulder, CO
Boulder Theater

San Diego, CA
The Observatory North Park

Santa Ana, CA
The Observatory

August 23 2015


Update :: Corey
Dwayne R. Goettel

20 years

August 12 2015


Update :: Corey

Down the SocioPath

Skinny Puppy is hitting the road again along with their Eye vs Spy tourmates, Youth Code, to perform in some of the markets that they've missed on the last few go arounds. I'm thrilled at the chance to see Youth Code live again - the few times I've seen them transported me back in time to the maximum volume electronic madness basement shows that remain some of the finest shining memories of my college show-going years. They're the real thing. And if Puppy's set at the recent Amnesia fest is any indication, featuring the new addition of Matthew Setzer on guitar, we have a very different kind of Skinny Puppy show ahead of us.

Oct 30 Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas, NV

Oct 31 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ

Nov 02 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, NM

Nov 03 Tricky Falls El Paso, TX

Nov 05 Warehouse Live Houston, TX

Nov 06 Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin, TX (festival appearance)

Nov 07 Gas Monkey Live Dallas, TX

Nov 08 House of Blues New Orleans, LA

Nov 10 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD

Nov 12 The Paramount Huntington, NY

Nov 13 Rapids Theatre Niagara Falls, NY

Nov 14 The Agora Theater & Ballroom Cleveland, OH

Nov 15 Crofoot Ballroom Pontiac, MI

Nov 16 The Rave Milwaukee, WI

Nov 18 Boulder Theater Boulder, CO

Nov 20 The Observatory North Park San Diego, CA

Nov 21 The Observatory Santa Ana, CA

March 13 2015


Update :: Corey
cEvin Key Music for Cats Vinyl

On the heels of the just-released vinyl edition of Download's Charlie's Family comes the debut vinyl release of cEvin Key's first solo release, Music For Cats, via Artoffact Records. The 2-LP set is available in very limited quantities on traditional black or transparent green vinyl (a third pink and blue edition has already sold out). Those unfamiliar with the album will be treated to some Key's most experimental work, including the melodically exquisite Bird (one of my favorite tracks he's ever done for any project) as well collaborations with Dwayne Goettel, Genesis P'Orridge, Mark Spybey, and Phil Western. Shipping in May, make sure you get in on this release now - the green edition is almost sold-out as well.

Pre-order Music for Cats on black vinyl here or transparent green vinyl here.

February 15 2015


Update :: Corey
amnesia rock fest

Skinny Puppy is slated to perform as part of this Summer's Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Canada (about an hour outside of Montreal) running June 18th through 21st. Also appearing are Ministry (I think this will technically be the first time the two bands have ever been on the same bill), Rob Zombie, Fear Factory, Pixies, Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, and more.

For more info visit here.

February 15 2015


Update :: Corey
pizza cake

I don't know about you, but I, in a special folder in a heavy old filing cabinet, keep a small sheet of lined paper with a list of things I will go back in time and correct once time travel technology is available. On that list is preventing various tragedies, like that Hellraiser Goes to Space movie, or avoiding various personal missteps, like every wardrobe or facial hair choice I made between 1997 and 2012.

Now added to that list is fixing my mistake of missing cEvin Key's birthday this past Friday. So until that time machine comes my way, here's wishing cEvin a retroactive happy birthday on behalf of everyone at Litany! Please accept my apologies for the utter late-itude and enjoy this pizza cake.

February 06 2015


Update :: Corey
Merzbow / Askew - Level

Justin Bennett, Skinny Puppy and ohGr's incomparable live drummer, and Jeff "Squigg" Smith, live keyboard player for ohGr, are leading a new collective called Askew, featured on one side an exclusive, limited, full-length vinyl release paired with a flip side by noise legend Merzbow. Out via the Rustblade label, also responsible for limited edition releases by the likes of the Legendary Pink Dots, Phil Western, Lydia Lunch, to name a few, the album Level is described thusly:::

Both projects embrace a sonic philosophy based on free experimentation and improvisation utilizing analog instruments such as modular synthesizers, as well as environmental audio samples and unique noise producing objects. The results are a wall of sound and noise that move the listener through emotional and cathartic sonic waves. A real treat for lovers of free and structured noise, and those in search of sonic extremes. 40 minutes of Pure Noise.

This is the first in a planned series of split vinyl releases on Rustblade. With projects like this, the vinyl resurgence has made it a great time to be a music fan.

Order Level from Rustblade right here.

Merzbow / Askew - Level

February 02 2015


Update :: Corey
John Carpenter - Lost Themes

Tomorrow marks the release of John Carpenter's first solo album, Lost Themes, via Scared Bones Records. As a director he needs no introduction. As a musician Carpenter has been responsible for legendary film scores that defined the sound of horror - I'm willing to bet that you will have the theme from Halloween playing in your head by the end of this sentence. Despite his reputation among fans of horror and electro, he hasn't put out a full-length release of all original work until now.

As a bonus with the digital editions and with the downloads that are included with the vinyl edition of Lost Themes are six remixes by other artists, including ohGr, J.G. Thirlwell, and Zola Jesus. Thanks to ohGr and Sacred Bones Records, we here at Litany get to enjoy an exclusive premiere of the ohGr remix of Wraith:::

Listen to John Carpenter's Wraith - ohGr Remix here.

Did you ever think you'd get to hear Ogre together with the man behind The End from Assault on Precinct 13? How cool is this? We're living in a good time to be a fan.

You can order the vinyl or digital download editions (the bonus tracks are not included on the CD) from Sacred Bones Records or get it from iTunes here.

January 30 2015


Update :: Corey

One of the things I have neglected to mention while Litany has lately remained ashamedly quiet is Metropolis Records reissue of Mythmaker on vinyl. For this edition, the album was remastered for vinyl by Brad Vance and the layout of the artwork has been given a nice overhaul. Like their edition of Greater Wrong of the Right, the title and track listing are printed on a separate wraparound sleeve, leaving the original front and back cover art untouched by text. The vinyl also includes a digital download code.

This reissue offers a chance to revisit an album that, upon its initial 2007 release, inspired great debate and strongly divided opinions. As much time has now passed since Mythmaker as separated Remission and Last Rights, and performances of Pasturn on last year's tours should solidify the value of some of Mythmaker's gems.

Order the Mythmaker reissue from Metropolis Records here.

January 08 2015


Update :: Corey
Skinny Puppy Web Store

If you missed out on getting some of the Skinny Puppy merch from the last tours and have been waking up with a start in the dead of night lusting after an Eye vs. Spy hoodie ever since, you now have reason to celebrate. Skinny Puppy's online shop is now open for business, including t-shirts, hoodies, buffs, hats, and leggings. Sure, your naked body is perfect as-is, but there's little in this world that cannot be improved when draped with the designs of Allen Jaeger and Steven Gilmore.

Check it out and decorate your person.

December 29 2014


Update :: Corey
Charlies Family vinyl

Charlie's Family, Download's oft-overlooked (and currently out of print) soundtrack album for Jim Vanbebber's film, is finally being released on vinyl. Due in February, the album is available with three different vinyl color choices, or as a special set of all three, via Artoffact Records.

Since its initial release as a limited edition exclusive for Download's 1996 tour, Charlie's Family has remained one of the more obscure and under-discussed items in the Skinny Puppy related catalog. Darkly unnerving, the album paints jittery, unsettled colors in the stylistic space between Furnace and Skinny Puppy's Last Rights. Included is Gristle Dog Corr, constructed partly from the famed Puppy Gristle session.

Noisey recently interviewed cEvin Key about the making of this release. Here's a clip:::

I remember when this was compiled. We had just gone through our own hell in Malibu, doing The Process, so I could relate to a lot of the energies of a drug-soaked ranch gone wrong quite well. A lot of these pieces were made in that house, and then some were made later, after we escaped that, and we were seemingly on the road to finishing The Process as it should have been, with Rave Ogilvie. So, I had a window to assemble all of the material for this. It was a bit like a exorcism, getting rid of the material and taking it to a place where it could be used as a suitable soundtrack for what modern-era Spahn Ranch kids may have sounded like.

Pre-order the set or individual color choices here.

December 05 2014


Update :: Corey
happy birthday ogre

On behalf of everyone here at Litany, here's wishing Ogre a fantastic birthday today. We hope it treats you well and is the start of another great year.

The tour is just getting started but I was lucky enough to catch two shows and in my expert and jaded-with-the-crust-of-age opinion, this is not a tour that a Skinny Puppy fan can afford to miss. Get yourself there for the soul recharge that you know you desperately need - and get there early to catch Youth Code!

November 07 2014


Update :: Corey
eye v spy

VNV Nation has dropped out of the Alliance of Sound tour and been replaced by Frontline Assembly, the project Bill Leeb has pursued since he departed Skinny Puppy after their 1985 tour. Though Leeb has joined Skinny Puppy on stage and shared the bill at a few shows since, this will be the first time the bands have ever toured together. The tour has been renamed Eye vs Spy.

August 23 2014


Update :: Corey
Dwayne Goettel

Dwayne Goettel died of a drug overdose 19 years ago today. There is nothing romantically tragic about it. It's just terrible and it will forever remain so. His absence is unnecessary. If you're an addict, know that there is help available for you. You're not carrying anything that you cannot put down. Get help.

I welcome any who wish to share recovery resources that have helped them or people they know on our forum, in social media comments on this post, or by emailing me directly to include in this post in the future.

July 21 2014


Update :: Corey
Alliance of Sound tour

Skinny Puppy has announced their Alliance of Sound tour of North America with VNV Nation, Haujobb, and Youth Code.

Fri/Nov-28 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
Sat/Nov-29 Montreal, QC Metropolis
Sun/Nov-30 Boston, MA House of Blues
Tue/Dec-02 New York, NY Best Buy Theater
Wed/Dec-03 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero Theatre
Fri/Dec-05 Tampa, FL Jannus Landing
Sat/Dec-06 Atlanta, GA Buckhead Theatre
Mon/Dec-08 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
Tue/Dec-09 Chicago, IL The Vic Theatre
Wed/Dec-10 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights
Fri/Dec-12 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
Sat/Dec-13 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
Mon/Dec-15 Seattle, WA Showbox SODO
Tue/Dec-16 Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Wed/Dec-17 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
Fri/Dec-19 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom
Sat/Dec-20 Pomona, CA The Fox Theater Pomona

Visit our forum for specific show details and fan meet-up info. More details to follow soon.

April 16 2014


Update :: Corey
Phil Western Longform

Phil Western of Download has released a solo record of brand new material, Longform, via the Rustblade Label. Longform comes in a deluxe double gatefold vinyl edition limited to just 499 copies. It's hard to believe but this marks his first ever full-length vinyl release. Download fans are urged to investigate this half of the equation. Take a look at what people are saying about it on our forum.

Phil Western Longform

Take a listen to this trailer:::

Order Longform from Rustblade.

April 02 2014


Update :: Corey
Yesterday's post was an April Fools Day joke. Litany isn't going anywhere. While it's true that the rise of social media networks has impacted how people get their music news, I don't think that means that Litany cannot still serve a purpose. We've got some cool things in the planning stages. Besides, it would be a shame to take down that lyric archive, recently honored with the "Clinging to a Web Design from 1997" Award from Lazy Webmaster Monthly.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to be along for the ride and a tip of the Dhatt to everyone who played along yesterday.

April 01 2014


Update :: Corey

It is with a heavy heart and a heavier sigh that I type these words as I know they begin what will be the final Litany post. Litany has kept the Skinny Puppy fan base informed and connected for 17 years. It has become increasingly clear, though, that in a world of corporately owned social media, Litany is outdated and out-priced. We simply cannot keep pace with Facebook as a news outlet and our attempts at data-mining or providing flashy ads or game apps to our users fell short (the Litanyville game is a debacle I choose never to revisit). We're not cool anymore, so, ultimately, what's the point? After much careful consideration and personal introspection, I have decided that it is time to close our doors for good and graceful bow out of the digital landscape.

It's been an amazing ride and I thank those who have helped, too numerous to mention. I'd especially like to thank the band for their years of support, when Litany served as their official mouthpiece. Moreover, I'd like to thank the Litany readers and forum members whose participation and enthusiasm fueled this machine for so long. We simply wouldn't have existed without you.

Forum users will have until the end of this week to save any content they wish, after which point the forum will be taken offline permanently, and perhaps donated to an academic archive for future study.

I am choosing not to be sad about this. Right now, my mind drifts to the many fantastic moments in Litany history, like the adventures of Mish's Dhatt or that time that funny thing happened on the forum. I truly hope that you've enjoyed what Litany has offered. See you soon.

February 13 2014


Update :: Corey
On behalf of Litany, happy birthday to cEvin Key. Hope it's happy, healthy, and involves cake.

February 13 2014


Update :: Corey
Ogre will be featured in today's edition of the Russia Today news magazine show Breaking the Set with Abby Martin. It should air on Russia Today America live at 6pm and 930pm EST as well as be archived online thereafter.

February 05 2014


Update :: Corey
Skinny Puppy is getting a lot of press for the the story that they billed the U.S. government for using their music in interrogation of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, a story which conceptually inspired the album, Weapon.

CBC features the story here, including an audio interview with cEvin Key on the subject.

BBC News picked up the story here.

Huffpost Live's Free Speech Zone with Alyona Minkovski includes an interview with Ogre, beginning at the 21 minute mark in this edition:::

Thanks to all the vigilant Litany readers who submitted these links.

February 01 2014


Update :: Corey
Today would have been Dwayne Goettel's 50th birthday.

Addiction does not have to end this way. There is hope. narcotics anonymous

January 26 2014


Update :: Corey
With the tour officially underway (visit the forum for show reports) there's sure to be a lot of press for the band. First up is this interview with cEvin Key in the Phoenix New Times. Here's a clip regarding Solvent:::

I had an idea how I originally made and I wondered if I followed the exact steps if it would turn out the same. It kinda did, but in a weird way because it obviously has a newer sound.

Read the whole deal here.

Also of interest is a full, thoughtful profile of the band's history in OC Weekly. Here's a clip:::

Although cult musical figures such as Syd Barrett and Ian Curtis were lyrical inspirations to Ogre, he has cited the book Les Chants de Maldoror by the Comte de Lautreamont (a pseudonym for Isidore Ducasse) as the blueprint for his goals with Skinny Puppy. The book consists of the nihilistic tales of the title character, Maldoror, who recognizes beauty and goodness but for various reasons spends most of his life spitting in the face of God and committing evil deeds.

Read the whole article here.

January 21 2014


Update :: Corey
cEvin Key has just posted some new material on Bandcamp from a brand new project called Neko Inochi, which means "no life without cat." Neko Inochi is a collaboration of cEvin Key, Ken Marshall, Djoto of the Beyond the Vault series, U Hang No Da of Utero ZZZAAA, and U-Tarou and Mikito of BAAL.

Get Neko Inochi right here.

Also newly available is the previously unreleased cEvin Key solo track called Toymaker posted on SoundCloud.

Listen to Toymaker here:::

Lastly, Subcon's new module Vampire M52 will be at the NAMM show beginning this Friday, just a few miles away from the kick-off show of Skinny Puppy's Lives Shapes for Arms tour that night at the Observatory. It's hard to believe the tour is only a few days away. Be sure to visit the tour section on the Litany forum for discussion of the shows as well as fan meet-up details.

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